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John Connor [Celluloid 09.28.17] France scifi thriller mystery

Shudder will air the first season of critically acclaimed French sci-fi series Missions exclusively on September 28, 2017. They will even co-produce the second season which will see release on the platform later in 2018. Big move by the fledgling horror streaming service.

ScreenAnarchy scored the trailer which you'll find below. Looks like a pretty slick mission-to-mars thriller.

With the funding of an eccentric billionaire, the crew of a manned craft aims to be the first to land on Mars. Much to the dismay of all on board however, just before the culmination of their 10-month journey to the Red Planet, they are made aware of a video sent by a rival ship that has overtaken them and already landed on the planet thanks to a revolutionary engine.

The bad news doesn’t end there however, as the tape contains a cryptic warning from the Americans pleading with the crew not to land as something far too dangerous is happening on the surface. After a chaotic landing on Mars, the crew finds a survivor -- but he’s not from their rival mission. His name is Vladimir Komarov. He is Russian. And he is the first man who died in space... in 1967.

Check out the trailer!

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test (5 years ago) Reply

Fuck yeah! I have been trying to watch this but only 4 episodes have subtitles.


Wumpus (5 years ago) Reply

Just finished watching the first episode. Eh... I like the idea, but it's always depressing when stories like this decide to create conflict and tension by making the mission half-assed and the characters mentally unstable.
Sunshine is a good example of how to do it right. The characters needn't be perfect, but they should be professional.


Rick (5 years ago) Reply

The series is surprisingly good. A fresh take on Mars SciFi.

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