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John Connor [Celluloid 08.28.17] USA post apocalyptic apocalyptic action thriller

Nick Lyon's (Isle of the Dead) Shockwave has set a date for destruction! The disaster feature will be available on Digital and HD on August 29th. The action thriller deals with a doomsday device, which is accidentally released, leaving the world in peril.

MarVista have released a series of new stills for the film. The images show actor Rib Hillis as Rob and Stacey Oristano as Kate. Their lives are endangered once the Earth’s crust begins to open up. Other stills show actor Tyler Perez as Jake, escaping a cataclysm. Meanwhile, a government body does their best to prepare for the worst.

As well, director Lyon has recently revealed the difficulties of working on a disaster film. Lyon has said: “working on a disaster genre film is always one of the toughest things to do in film in my opinion, especially low budget film where resources are limited...[however] it was possible because of a great writer, producer, cast and crew who were all very supportive in entrusting the vision I had.”

Official Synopsis:
When massive volcanic storms begin to spew from the Earth, geophysicist Kate Ferris must convince the Department of Defense that the storms are being caused by a deadly seismic weapon and find a way to stop the device.

Shockwave stars Rib Hillis (Haunting of the Innocent), Stacey Oristano (“Sons of the Devil”), Bruce Thomas (Army of Darkness), and Ed Amatrudo while the film’s lead producer was Autumn Federici (Patient Seven).

It was written by Blaine Chiappetta, Rafael Jordan and Ari Novak.

Recommended Release: Isle of the Dead

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