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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 06.02.17] scifi action thriller steampunk dystopic

Biopunk is a crowfunded dystopian thriller that stars Kristian Nairn who you may recognise Kristian from his role as Hodor in HBO's Game of Thrones. It is directed by Liam Garvo.

Set in a world devastated by a mysterious virus, the human race no longer finds itself the dominant species. Decades of infection have transformed swathes of the population. These new breeds have become known as Altereds. Corralled into ghettos and treated as second-class citizens, a fragile new world has emerged.

Biopunk follows the story of Resha, a street-smart Altered struggling to make a living whilst raising her younger brother Kio. When Kio is kidnapped by the militarized faction of the Altereds, she is forced to venture beyond the city’s limits in a race to rescue him before he can be turned into the ultimate weapon.

Check out the film's first impressive trailer below.

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