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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 05.05.17] scifi thriller drama

Domain opens with news of the Saharan flu spreading across the world decimating much of the human population along the way. In an effort to save some of humanity, a company called Survival Technologies takes it upon themselves to build half a million bunkers and creates a lottery to select the inhabitants.

Each individual lives in a quarantined pod but since for most people, living with no human contact for extended periods of time leads mental instability, the company also built a social network which connects 7 individuals. Why 7? There's a good reason for that.

When we meet the members of our heptagon, the group is years into their waiting period and over that time, they have taken on specific roles and routines. Atlanta is the spiritual leader of the group and though no one else partakes in prayer, she plays a role in keeping the group optimistic. Boston is their leader, Denver the tech expert and Phoenix seems to be the heart of the group. The trio of Denver, Phoenix and Boston are also at the center of the events which unfold through much of Domain.

Writer/director Nathaniel Atcheson's movie is a great reminder that low budget movies can still be innovative. The limited locations, 70's throwback visuals and set design go a long way in creating a world which is familiar but also feels a bit removed from reality.

The location limitations mean that the creative team relies heavily on a good script and good performances and everyone delivers. The supporting cast is not given a lot of screen time to build their characters but there's a clear sense of the role each plays when we first meet the group. They're all fantastic and rather brilliantly cast.

The trio at the center of the action carry most of the weight and they do a fine job of it. William Gregory Lee makes for a charismatic leader as Boston while Ryan Merriman and Britt Lower share some emotionally charged moments - via a TV screen. The pair really sells their relationship and the fact that they've managed to create a level of intimacy though they've never been in the same room.

A fissure in the group eventually leads to its collapse but saying any more than will undoubtedly diminish your enjoyment of the movie. Needless to say, the less you know about the details the better. Just be assured that with Domain, Atcheson delivers a great thriller.

Sci-Fi London Film Festival 2017 runs from April 27 to May 6.

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Christopher (5 years ago) Reply

Yeah, I thought this flick was well done.


Genius (5 years ago) Reply

I hope these films are on Netfilx if they don't go straight to DVD.


DiamondBack662 (3 years ago) Reply

Watched this film the other night. Extremely well done and enjoyable ride.

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