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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 05.16.17] Russia scifi action

A couple of weeks ago we had our first glimpse at Dan Stevens saving the world in the sci-fi action thriller Kill Switch.

That first trailer was short and sweet and focused mostly on the visual effects which did look fairly impressive and though this trailer uses much of the safe footage, it is interspersed with a little more on plot - but we mean only a little more.

The story focuses on an energy creating plan which goes severely wrong. Stevens stars as a pilot who is forcibly recruited by the government for an operation which includes him jumping in time (or maybe to a parallel world - hard to tell) to plug in a box, the kill switch, which will save his world.

I'm still not completely clear on the plot but that seems secondary to the visuals which still seem to be central selling figure of Kill Switch. It also appears that once Stevens is in the other world/time, the movie seems to play out in first-person view a la Hardcore Henry though, with these effects, it feels more like a video game than Ilya Naishuller's movie ever did.

Kill Switch opens June 16.

Recommended Release: Hardcore Henry

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