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quietearth [Cathode Ray Mission 04.25.17] scifi horror dystopic grindhouse

Faux grindhouse with some 8mm post-processing damage was never my thing, but how can we say no to a water starved world where the cars run on blood? There's cannibals, Amazons, monsters, toe sucking, and I think I saw a magician in there.

Now, considering the quality of some of SYFY's offerings lately (Z NATION RULES!), I'm in.

Los Angeles in the near future: where water is a scarce as oil, and climate change keeps the temperature at a cool 115 in the shade. It's a place where crime is so rampant that only the worst violence is punished, and where Arthur Bailey - the city's last good cop - runs afoul of the dirtiest and meanest underground car rally in the world, Blood Drive. The master of ceremonies is a vaudevillian nightmare, The drivers are homocidal deviants, and the cars run on human blood.

Blood Drive premiers June 14th on SYFY.

Trailer following.

Recommended Release: Death Race 2000

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