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quietearth [Cathode Ray Mission 02.14.17] crime

Refn has teamed with Amazon for a straight to series order of 10 episodes for a crime series which will explores various characters’ existential journeys from being killers to becoming samurai’s in the city of angels. I don't know if that actually means samurai or it's used in the metaphorical fashion, but who cares.. it's Refn. Nicolas Winding Refn is directing, producing and co-wrote the series with Ed Brubaker who is partly behind Westworld. I'm glad alternative outlets such as Netflix and Amazon are giving film makers the opportunity to do series we wouldn't otherwise see.

We're a few days late on this but we can't pass this by.

via the declining former media news outlet Variety.

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Wumpus (3 years ago) Reply

Um... what?


basement_dweller (2 years ago) Reply

While the premise is vague it made me think of the anime "Drifters". Which is in itself an excuse to draft famous strategists, "heroes" and killers (historical people) to wage a war in the "afterlife". Switch off the brain and enjoy the awesomeness that ensues.

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