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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 02.01.17] scifi

You might recall that late last year, Legendary Entertainment picked up the rights to "Dune" from the Herbert family. At the time, it wasn't clear whether Legendary would be looking to adapt the material as a movie or a television series though we speculated that Chinese investors would likely be looking to get their hands on some sort of big franchise and "Dune" seemed to be the perfect opportunity for that.

The writing was on the wall and now it's been confirmed: a new Dune movie is coming our way with newly minted sci-fi director superstar (and Canadian!) Denis Villeneuve at the helm.

Late yesterday Brian Herbert, Frank Herbert's son who has continued to write books in the Dune universe, announced via twitter that "Legendary Pictures has signed the very talented Denis Villeneuve to direct the exciting new DUNE series film project."

A few things go along with this announcement. Production likely won't start for a while as Villeneuve is currently finishing up on Blade Runner 2049 (trailer) which is slated for release in October. There's also no news yet on who has been tapped to write. In the past Villeneuve has acted as both writer/director but his last two major projects have come with scripts attached. What does this now mean for future Blade Runner sequels? One has to assume that Universal is hoping to keep this franchise going though if that's the case, it likely won't have Villeneuve in the director's chair...

It's early days yet but Villeneuve isn't known for blindly jumping into projects so we can be sure that if he's signed on, he's done so after much negotiation. At this point, this is the best news a "Dune" fan could ask for. Am I alone in my excitement?

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username (1 year ago) Reply

Kull wahad


Wumpus (1 year ago) Reply

Villeneuve has proven himself. No matter how the Bladerunner sequel works out, a masterful (sorry Mr. Lynch) interpretation of Dune is quite exciting.


Genius (1 year ago) Reply

OK I am excited!
and we will get the composer for the New Blade Runner film.
Now I am just wondering what sort of vision will he have for Dune.
I miss that H.R. Giger Concept Art.

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