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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 01.20.17] Canada thriller drama

Canadian director Ed Gass-Donnelly arrived on the scene in 2010 with the outstanding Small Town Murder Songs (review). It wasn't his first film but by that point, it was clear that he was ready for the next big step.

That seemed to come with The Last Exorcism Part II except that movie failed to deliver anything of interest so Gass-Donnelly packed it up and headed back North and in the last few years, has co-directed a short film and released another movie, one that looks to be more in line with the talent on display in Small Town Murder Songs.

Lavender stars Abbie Cornish as Jane, a woman who loses her memory after an accident. Her doctor, played by Justin Long, suggests that she spend some time in her childhood home in an effort to draw out some of her memories but returning home also brings up long-suppressed memories of a much older trauma that begins to haunt Jane.

Gass-Donnelly is reunited with long-time cinematographer Brendan Steacy and though Steacy also shot the forgettable exorcism sequel, it seems that the return to Canada has re-invigorated both artists.

Lavender will open theatrically and be available on VOD and digital HD on March 3.

Recommended Release: Small Town Murder Songs

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