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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 01.19.17] action thriller

Walter Hill (yes, we mean THAT Walter Hill) has been pretty busy the last few years producing movies but after a five-year sabbatical, he's finally back directing another action movie - this time starring Michelle Rodriguez in an odd role.

The Assignment stars Rodriguez as Frank Kitchen, an assassin who is double-crossed by gangsters who turn him over to a surgeon, played by Sigourney Weaver, who, in turn, turns Frank into a woman who then goes off looking for revenge.

Did you follow all that? Dude gets turned into a woman and then goes on a murderous spree in search of revenge. It's a little bit like John Wick but with an added twist.

It's a pretty ridiculous set-up conceived by Hill who also had a hand in writing the script and I have to admit, I'm totally on board. Rodriguez makes for a great action star, Hill can certainly direct action and this really just sounds too crazy to ignore.

The Assignment doesn't yet have a release date but expect it later this year.

Recommended Release: Bullet to the Head

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terry (5 years ago) Reply

Not so much Face Off as...well, I won't say it.


david (5 years ago) Reply

I enjoy something about every one of Walter Hill's movies that I have seen and I have seen most of them. This trailer looks like it will also deliver.

I did a jump over to IMDB and see confusion. First the movie is listed as a short but then listed with a running time of 1h 35min. It is also credited as Hill co-directing with Roger Julian Cross.

To add to the confusion (and either clear it up or make it much more muddy) - Hard Case Crime has just entered the world of comic publication through Titan and one of their first ventures is (RE)ASSIGNMENT (was it actually published under that title or was promo material produced?) also know as The Assignment and the creator of the series is Walter Hill (with french artist Matz).

There also web articles that the screenplay came before the comic by at least a decade?

Part of he murky history of Walter Hill?


Speedy (5 years ago) Reply

"Her" doctor does good work...

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