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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 06.20.16] post apocalyptic scifi thriller

Here we have the first look at a new and very strange Italian series based on the independent Alberto Ponticelli comic, Blatta (Cockroach), the series created by comic.

The Cockroach creative team produced the below sneak-peek for the Neapolitan Comic Con. It was directed by Andrea Sanna as a prologue of sorts preceding the official episodes, titled "Cockroach 5.0", scheduled for the summer.

Loosely translated synopsis:
Cloning has allowed the immortality of man. The only goal that is possible and right to have is: productivity , work. No human contact, no emotion. They are all trapped in their rooms, in their suits and in their minds, they're all locked up cockroaches... but like all insects sooner or later someone runs away , one of them rebels.

More as it comes, folks!

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