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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 06.09.16] Canada post apocalyptic scifi thriller

We're happy to premier the first clips from Days of Eva, a French Canadian (they do love their PA, the french Canucks) short film produced by students of the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema. The film looks gorgeously shot in real, snowy and cold-as-hell locations in Canada.

Days of Eva was written and directed by Vincent René-Lortie. The part of Eva is played by Anna Arrobas and produced by Justin Richard-Dostie.

For the past 11 years, Eva has lived alone in a cold, gloomy, dark, wintery, post-apocalyptical universe. She has grown up in the middle of a gigantic abandoned apartment complex, twin to an adjacent building. In this world, air is no longer breathable.

Eva survives off of her last oxygen reserves, but her time has run out. Eva only has a day left, and all hope for a better world has now disappeared.

The film recently played at Concordia Film Festival, where it was nominated for "best sound".

Below are two clips from the short. The first is the opening of the film and the second is a clip of Eva exploring the apartment complex. Now we just have to get the whole thing!


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foodles (6 years ago) Reply

what's with the microphone sticking out of the side of her facemask? ;)


lotus eater (6 years ago) Reply

I would assume ventilation exhaust for the gas mask. Although maybe it is supposed to be a voice box to be heard properly while the gas mask is in use, So the speaker allows Her to communicate more freely.

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