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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 02.18.16] Serbia drama mystery

As one of the first festivals of the year, Berlin is often the starting point of the festival life for many a movie and while lots of attention is placed on Cannes, Berlin seems to premiere a lot of smaller projects from up-and-coming directors which bodes well for new discoveries. Case in point: Humidity.

Having recently premiered at Berlin's forum, the mystery from Nikola Ljuca stars Milos Timotijevic as Petar, a well liked construction manager whose wife disappears without warning. Everyone reassures him that she's probably just taken off for some alone time but as days pass and she doesn't return, Petar starts to freak out and his seemingly perfect world starts to show cracks.

I have a lot of questions – like why he doesn't try to call her or a friend of hers or her family. Maybe he does, the trailer doesn't get into specifics, but there's a feeling of dread at the corners of the frame, partly infused by the music in the trailer and partly from the unease that Petar begins to display. This is showing great promise.

Humidity is currently playing the festival circuit.

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