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In 2011, Ron Howard set up Project Imagination with Canon. The contest invites young filmmakers and storytellers to submit their trailers with the winning entry having a shot at their story idea getting made. This year's winning trailer was for a would-be movie called Tainted Water and Canon liked the concept so much, they commissioned a full short which was written and directed by Kat Chandler (of Hellion fame).

Now titled The Rusted, the short stars The Hunger Games co-stars Josh Hutcherson and Jena Malone as a brother and sister who share deep rooted anxieties about their childhood home, anxieties which physically manifest and affect the siblings in a very real, tangible way.

Chandler gets the most from the actors, both great talents, and elevates the familiarly bland story onto another level with her visual storytelling. The short is beautifully shot, edited and scored and quite honestly, it's unnerving which just goes to show how a good director can take a mediocre concept and turn it into something great.

The Rusted is well worth the 20 minute investment.

Recommended Release: Hellion

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