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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 05.28.15] action comedy kungfu

A couple of weeks ago we saw the truly awesome music video for "True Survivor," the main title track to the Kickstarter sensation project Kung Fury. If you thought that music video was spectacular, prepare yourself because the full short is that level of awesome cheesiness stretched over 30 minutes in what is quite likely the greatest thing to ever come out of Kickstarter.

You don't have to believe me because you can witness the greatness of Kung Fury for yourself right here.

Recommended Release: The FP

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Chocobe (5 years ago) Reply



Ryan Carter (5 years ago) Reply

Wow, those folks are something special. Amazing for them for releasing the full movie for free on youtube. Lots of people are doing this now! Troma has released almost their entire library, California Balloon Films has Android Night Punch and Space Rippers and I'm sure there' a bunch more out there! I'm excited! i hope youtube becomes the place to watch full legal movies.

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