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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 05.26.15] Norway drama

Norwegian director Joachim Trier first caught my attention a few years ago when I had the chance to see his feature film debut Reprise. The young director has continued to make waves, his 2011 follow-up Oslo, August 31st (trailer) premiered at Cannes to much praise and this year, Trier returned to Cannes with his English language debut Louder Than Bombs.

Gabriel Byrne stars as Gene, the father of two sons played by Jesse Eisenberg and relative newcomer Devin Druid, whose wife (Isabelle Huppert), a famed war photographer, died while on the job. The movie's timeline jumps around between life before and three years after the death as Gene tries to bring his family back together.

Trier is a master at finding drama in the apparently mundane and this first clip from the movie, which shows Byrne as he tries to have a conversation with one of his sons, suggests he's succeeded again.

Louder Than Bombs will premiere in Norway in October. The Orchard has picked up the movie for North American distribution. Details on that release are forthcoming.

Recommended Release: Oslo, August 31st

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