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Christopher Webster [DVD News 04.14.15] scifi horror action cult thriller steampunk adventure

One of the best horror films of the year, The Babadook finally streets in a beautiful, limited edition package from Scream Factory. Man, these guys are really on fire these days. They're releasing a bunch of other great titles this week as well (see below).

The film is about a single mother plagued by the violent death of her husband. When a disturbing storybook called "Mister Babadook" turns up at her house, she is forced to battle with her son’s deep-seated fear of a monster. Soon she discovers a sinister presence all around her.


Metal Hurlant Chronicles is probably the closest we've come to getting a full-blown, live action "Heavy Metal" adaptation. The series is very much created in the spirit of the seminal scifi comic series with each episode taking place on a different far flung world.

This release from Shout! Factory sees the entire series (2 seasons) compiled for the first time in HD. For a modestly budgeted affair, the series looks very stylish with a ton of create action and character actors showing up throughout.

RZA's directorial debut has its fair share of detractors, but I found the hip-hop infused, 70s kung-fu, spaghetti western film to be a ton of fun. Sure it didn't have the biggest budget for high-flying action set pieces, but what it did with what it had was super fun. Hell, even Russel Crow looked like he was having fun.

The film must have done pretty well too, because here we have the sequel The Man with the Iron Fists 2. The first film filled me with enough good will that I look forward to checking it out.

David Cronenberg is becoming more obtuse as time goes on. Cosmopolis was impenetrable and I'm hearing thatMaps to the Stars is a dark, tough movie to get through. And you know what? That's not a criticism! Cronenberg continues to challenge viewers and the industry and that's just awesome. Get with it, people.

The King of Cool, finally gets his documentary due in Jeff Renfoe's I Am Steve McQueen, out from Shout! Factory today.

The documentary is narrated by Robert Downey Jr. and combines extensive original interviews including rare interviews with Steve McQueen himself, the best of Steve’s major motion pictures and archival footage, the film chronicles McQueen’s extraordinary career while focusing on the correlation between his on-screen and off-screen experiences.

I Am Steve McQueen tells the incredible life story of this legendary actor, racer and cultural icon.

Here we have the sequel to the big Hammer hit from a couple years ago. Daniel Radcliff is gone and so is James Watkins, so does Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death still have what it takes to scare up audiences? I skipped this one then and it's low on my list, but I look forward to renting it, or Netflixing it.

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