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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 04.21.15] Poland drama history arthouse

If you've seen any of writer/director Lech Majewski's previous movies, I'm particularly fond of The Mill and the Cross (review), you know more or less what to expect from Field of Dogs: a movie that will be beautiful, contemplative and sometimes downright slow to the point where your mind starts to wander. I think there's a certain magic to the flow of thoughts that emerge from watching Majewski's work but it's not for everyone.

His latest, inspired by a modern reading of Dante's "Divine Comedy," is a tale of mirroring tragedies: that of Adam, a poet suffering through sorrow after the love of his life dies in a car crash and the national tragedies that unfolded in Poland in 2010. It remains to be seen how Dante factors into the story (loss and natural disasters as circles of hell?) but the trailer suggests Majewski is giving it a valiant attempt. The footage reveals a beautiful and dark drama.

Field of Dogs has been making the festival rounds since March of last year. Fingers crossed it still straggles into a few of this year's festivals or failing that, an arthouse release. It looks stupendous.

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