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quietearth [Celluloid 01.21.15] France animation comedy steampunk adventure

It may be aimed towards children and have a horrendous voice over, but this little diddy looks like it might just be good. It's set in an alternate France with suspended cable cars, bowler hats, and lots of moustaches. As far as I can find the only slated release is for December 2015 in France.. for the rest of the world, it just got put on the sales market. The original title is Un Monde Truque.

Christian Desmares is one of the co-directors and was also the animation coordinator on Persepolis. Benjamin Legrand, who adapted Snowpiercer for the screen, is one of the co-writers. And last but not least, Oscar winner Marion Cotillard does one of the lead voices.

The budget was $12M which is mighty fine for a European flick.

In 1941, in an alternate history France, the Eiffel Tower has a twin and time seems to stand still in a nineteenth century ultra polluted plagued transcontinental wars. In this universe, the young April goes in search of his parents, missing scientists few years ago. She is accompanied by Pops, his cheeky grandfather, Darwin, her talking cat and Julius, a young man who has eyes for her. Together they will escape Napoleon V secret services and an army of mechanized lizards, who are trying to conquer the world by removing the greatest scientists of humanity.

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JeffC (8 years ago) Reply

They dont make enough steampunk movies! Yes, that voiceover was horrible. But LOVE the look of it!


beppe (8 years ago) Reply


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