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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 09.15.14] Australia thriller

Writer-director Roderick MacKay and producer Justin McArdle are a talented team of Australian filmmakers who have just released an impressive short called Factory 293. Perhaps what's most impressive is they were able to transform their home of sunny Australia into the snowy landscape of rural 1940s Russia.

The film is the result of a successful crowd funding campaign.

In a remote part of Stalin's war-torn Union of the Soviet Socialist Republic, Grigor, Manager of munitions FACTORY293, faces the realities of his existence.

Despite the infatuation of his female factory workforce, he is drawn to increasingly melancholic thoughts - Stalin has abandoned him. With a howling blizzard outside, the factory's power is suddenly cut, interrupting Grigor's intent to take decisive action. In a flurry to restore the power before the inspectors arrive, Grigor directs two of his female machinists into the raging blizzard to investigate.

Via: Twitch

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fendell (7 years ago) Reply

Very, very impresiive.

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