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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 09.02.14] Hungary drama western

After watching the trailer for Szabolcs Hajdu's Mirage a couple of times, I am absolutely convinced that Hajdu's new movie is one to see, particularly for fans of revisionist westerns.

Isaach De Bankolé (a great talent who is often seen in supporting roles both here and in French films) stars as Francis, a criminal on the run for fixing matches and taking bribes. In his escape from the law, Francis ends up hiding out on a farm that has been overrun by a criminal group that have simply weeded out the owners and taken up the reigns as if the farm belonged to them. From the looks of it, Francis takes issue with the way things are going and, I expect, helps the owners reclaim their property.

The first half of this trailer is very mediocre but once Francis arrives at the make-shift bar, Mirage seems to take on a western vibe which I'm really loving. Hopefully Hajdu explores that style further in the film.

Mirage plays TIFF on Friday, September 5. No word yet on a US distributor.

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MrSatyre (8 years ago) Reply

Looks good!

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