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You may have heard by now that Ridley Scott is working on his own biblical adaptation with Exodus: Gods and Kings. The movie that, until now, appeared to be a serious retelling of the story of Moses (with a really shitty title), has taken a turn for the worst. Think... marketing suicide.

The choice to cast Christian Bale to play Moses and Edgerton for the Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses has caused quite a bit of ruckus but the movie, the first stills for which appeared a few weeks ago, was looking mighty good. And then this nightmare happened. The marketing team really needs to re-think their approach because this is definitely not working. At all.

So basically, early buzz for Exodus isn’t particularly positive. Wonder if this will end up more or less successful than Noah?

The terrible posters, along with the previously released images, are in the gallery below.

Exodus opens December 12.

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Koolz (7 years ago) Reply

Let see that's Moses the great General. Ridley Scott will do it Proud! The guy created Gladiator after all!


Digger (7 years ago) Reply

I think RS has lost it. First the *terrible* Prometheus, now this?
Hang it up RS, you're past your prime.

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