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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 05.06.14] scifi drama

It surprises me a little that we haven't yet posted about James Ward's Coherence. The movie was a big hit at last year's Fantastic Fest and has made the rounds at various other genre festivals and it's finally getting a well deserved release.

It may well be a low budget affair but Coherence is also the kind of little movie with legs. It's been months since I saw it and there are entire sequences that occasionally come to mind along with the occasional little trivial bit of dialogue or story point. It's genius in the kind of way that Primer is genius and it's likely to generate the same sort of enthusiasm from film fans once it gets out to a wider audience.

The story unfolds at a dinner party which happens to be taking place at the same time as a comet passes through the sky. Turns out the "astrological anomaly" causes some strange, reality bending events.

I can't speak highly enough of Coherence. Be sure to track it down when it opens in limited release on June 20.

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Seems alright bra!

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