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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 04.25.14] Canada horror comedy

I first heard of Lowell Dean's WolfCop last year when the project was selected as one of the top 10 entries in CineCoup, a newly launched accelerator program. Teams were vying for a one million dollar deal and guaranteed theatrical distribution in Canada and Dean's project won the prize. Since then, WolfCop has been everywhere. Production updates on the project have been constant, the social media team active and of late, the project has been making appearances at all sorts of conventions around the country. All leading up to the big moment: the movie's Canadian release in June.

Leo Fafard stars as the titular WolfCop. As the story goes, it's not unusual for Lou to black out and wake up in unfamiliar surroundings but lately the situation has been much worse because as it turns out, during those blackouts he turns into a wolf. The premise is as ridiculous as the title suggests but what's not ridiculous is the fact that Dean's movie looks like a hell of a good time: action, violence, explosions, laughs and some ridiculously awesome practical effects. Trust me, I recently had the chance to get up close and personal with WolfCop and the make-up and prosthetics are a thing of beauty.

I've been on the fence about the project for a few months but this trailer sold me. Bring on the cheesy goodness!

WolfCop opens in Canadian theatres on June 6 (be sure to check out their new fundraising campaign to encourage fans to see the movie opening weekend) and stay tuned for more details on US release.

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guido_jenkins (6 years ago) Reply

well hell.. I mean, "Sharknado", etc..... why not????


masque36 (6 years ago) Reply

Cool looks like a midnight movie treat.

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