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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 04.15.14] United Kingdom horror

Jon James Smith is a man of many talents. A cinematographer, editor and producer, he added writing and directing credits to his resume a couple of years ago with Spira. The short was selected for a number of horror film festivals last year and recently, Smith released it into the world for public consumption.

Spira stars Seth Thomas Marron as Eric, a psychologist charged with evaluating the mental state of Laura, a woman who is incarcerated and believed to be a danger to herself and others. As Eric and Laura's sessions progress, Eric is pulled into a state of mental unease and it seems as though Laura is slowly making him crazy.

It's a good concept that is very well executed by Smith who has a great eye for framing and mood but Spira is particularly memorable for Hephzibah Roe's excellent performance as Laura and Smith's own sound design which is remarkably effective. This is an impressive debut.

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