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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 03.06.14] Ireland (Republic of) horror

One of the movies I've been looking forward to since first hearing about it last year is Ivan Kavanagh's The Canal. The psychological thriller stars Rupert Evans as David, a cinema archivist who lives with his wife and their five year old son Billy.

But all is not well in David and Alice's life and he begins to suspect that his wife might be cheating. That suspicion arises at the same time that through his work, he discovers that their home is the site of a grizzly serious of murders by a man who killed his wife for being unfaithful and then proceeded to drown his children in a nearby canal. David stars to believe that the presence of this killer is haunting his family.

It sounds like a fairly standard haunting story but I really like Kavanagh's The Fading Light and expect that The Canal will have a similar intensity rather than resorting to jump scares.

As we await the release of a trailer, check out the first batch of stills from the production.

The Canal will have its world premiere at Tribeca.

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