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Here is our first look at season two of the TV anthology series based on the Heavy Metal comic books (or, Metal Hurlant if you're from Europe). The first episode is called "The Endomorphe" and with its vaguely WWII trench-style look and, well, mutants, I can't help but see a striking resemblance to Simon Hunter's visually striking Mutant Chronicles.

I don't think the first season ever aired on TV domestically, but the Blu-ray is available in various regions.

Metal Hurlant Chronicles Season 2 stars Michael Jai White, Darren Shalahvi, Michelle Lee, Fabien Houssaye, Silvio Simac and Alexis Dumas.

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arnold3k (9 years ago) Reply

I'm sorry but Mutant Chronicles looks so much better than this. This looks so bad I can't believe Metal Hurlant had a hand in this


p w (9 years ago) Reply

enjoyed the 1st season, the trailer for the 2nd season underwhelms. hoping its better than this trailer appears.

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