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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 11.27.13] Canada action

Icelandic director Sturla Gunnarsson makes a return to film after a long TV run with a Canadian action movie that sounds, and looks, badass.

The setup for Ice Soldiers is just a tad bit ridiculous. A scientific expedition to the Canadian north uncovers not one but three genetically engineered Russian super soldiers that were created and frozen in ice at the height of the Cold War. For some reason, the scientists thaw these guys out and they start killing anyone and everything in their path and it's up to Dominic Purcell ("Prison Break"), Adam Beach ("Hell on Wheels") and the always awesome Michael Ironside, to stop them.

I have no idea where this trailer has emerged from since it advertises that the movie is now available on home video and though I don't doubt this will make a pretty quick appearance on DVD and Blu-ray, Ice Soldiers is having its world premiere at the Whistler Film Festival in a little over a week's time. Stay tuned because we'll be bringing you full coverage of the action from the Village and this is very definitely in our near future!

Via Beyond Hollywood

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