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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 08.23.13] drama

It's a bit ridiculous but my reaction watching the trailer for the excellent looking Beneath the Harvest Sky was something along the lines of "This looks promis-It's Littlefinger! I wonder how big his role is? This is looking really great. It's Littlefinger! I guess his role is fairly substantial" repeat ad nauseum.

Once the initial shock of seeing Aidan Gillen in a contemporary film (yes, he's been in other things but the only thing I know him from is "Game of Thrones"), I re-watched the trailer and my initial thought has been confirmed: this looks great.

Directed by veteran documentary filmmakers Aron Gaudet and Gita Pullapilly, Beneath the Harvest Sky stars Callan McAuliffe and Emory Cohen as best friends living in an industrial town in Maine who are doing everything they can to achieve their dream of escape to the big city. Problem is that while Dominic spends his days with hard, honest work at a potato farm, his best friend decides that the best way to get out of town is by trying to his hand at drug running, a plan that is as likely to get him thrown in jail as it is to help him get to Boston.

Beneath the Harvest Sky is making its world premiere at TIFF in September.

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