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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 08.19.13] horror

For over two decades writer/director and master of horror Clive Barker has been unofficially petitioning for a director's cut of Nightbreed and it looks like all that bellyaching has finally paid off.

Confirming rumours out of SDCC earlier this year, Shout! Factory and Morgan Creek have officially announced a director's cut of Barker's subversive fantasy horror including 45 minutes of previously unseen material which Barker assures us will result in the movie he always wanted to make.

Though it bombed on initial release, over the years Nightbreed has gained cult status and this news is likely to make fans very happy. I look forward to seeing Barker's final cut. I never much cared for "Cabal," the novella on which the movie was based, and remember watching the movie on a crappy VHS copy that had a 20 minute section in the middle so badly damaged we had to fast forward through it. I never cared enough about the movie to seek it out so this new release will be like seeing it for the first time. Good thing too because watching the trailer suggests I've been missing out on a good bit of fun.

The Nightbreed restored director's cut will land next year.

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David Banner (9 years ago) Reply

Great news!
The "45mins" part is surprising, I thought it was 25mins longer.


esophus2442 (9 years ago) Reply

I thought you were gonna say it's getting rebooted. Darn. I guess this will have to do, hopefully it will offer some explanation to the whole Uber-demon and Decker resurrection thing, at the end of the original.


Jeff (9 years ago) Reply

I never rented this when I first saw it come out on VHS. I recall thinking the cover sucked...yeah I know! This is the first trailer I've seen of it and won't 'cover judge'!


jjay (9 years ago) Reply

movie owns,cant wait to see the extended cut


Missphitts (9 years ago) Reply

Yep this rules, Stoked!

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