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Christopher Webster [DVD News 07.30.13] horror action thriller

Hot on the heels of Pacific Rim, Guillermo del Toro's 2001 ghost flick The Devil's Backbone gets the Blu-ray treatment from Criterion Collection (it is also being released on DVD). This is a perfect opportunity to revisit a film I've only seen once, and before I really grasped the importance of del Toro in terms of his thematic interests and visual style. I recently caught up with Pan's Labyrinth again and look forward to adding this to my collection.

Here's what else it out this week:

Under the Bed comes at us from director Steven C. Miller, the maniac behind Aggression Scale and the recent Silent Night remake. Hearkening back to the bygone days of PG13 horror films like The Gate and Poltergeist, Under the Bed promises to be a suburban horror flick about brothers who fight a monster under the bed.

Black Rock is a film I've been hearing some good things about, even though it sounds like a familiar set up. Three girlfriends played by Kate Bosworth, Katie Aselton and Lake Bell - travel to an empty island off the coast of Maine to renew their bond of sisterhood. The island is anything but empty though and when they encounter three men who have come to the island to hunt they soon find themselves the targets of the hunt.

The Fog gets a lovingly assembled collector's edition from Scream Factory. If you're fans of early Carpenter stuff and haven't seen The Fig, this is probably you're best bet in terms of a quality experience. Pretty sure there's a new commentary on here and if past Scream Factory releases are anything to go by, there are likely some new featurettes. Personally, I've always liked The Fog for its small town atmosphere and old fashioned love of ghost stories.

Assault on Wall Street - Okay, so after Rampage, I'll give any Uwe Boll flick a chance. That movie was simply one of the best of 2010. Forget that it's one of the best portraits of a sociopath put to film, it's nail-bitingly gritty. So here we have what appears to be Rampage on Wall Street but with Dominic Purcell? Fuck it, sure.

Incredible Melting Man - Another re-issue from the Shout! Factory crew. Apparently this one's pretty sick. Haven't seen it yet, but plan to.

Okay, so that's all the releases we care about this week. What did we miss?

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