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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 07.24.13] India action

The Fantastic Fest announcement described Commando: A One Man Army as "Bollywood's answer to Tony Jaa" and it looks like the programmers are right on the ball with this one.

There's a warning label attached to the beginning of this trailer urging people not to try Vidyut Jamwal's stunts at home because even though they were done without CGI or cables, he's an expert and all. We then see Jamwal kicks ass in slow motion, intercut with Bruce Lee references and gosh knows what else. There is, notably, no singing or dancing in the trailer though on one or two occasions, it feels like a dance number might be right around the next corner. It's kind of glorious.

Hopefully if it's successful at Fantastic Fest, we'll have a chance to check this out.

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pongo (9 years ago) Reply

are you sure its a film and not a deodorant spray advert?

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