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quietearth [Celluloid 06.25.13] podcast

Max Brooks sat down with Empire Magazine to talk about all things World War Z, his now seminal book that is now a mega-hit starring Brad Pitt. It's an extremely interesting segment that covers a lot of ground including how different the film is from the book and the fights that caused behind the scenes.

Brooks' segment starts at about 17:00:

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pleeg3 (7 years ago) Reply

Too bad they used the name, World War Z, perfect title but the movie shares nothing in common with the book. I actually liked the movie even without the body parts, guts and blood. For what it's worth I'll see the other 2 movies if they can get Brad Pitt to go along, (I'm not sure how much power he has over that). I'm amazed in the end Pitt didn't ruin the movie for me. As for the book I think it stinks for Max Brooks. His book, (books), I think made the subject palatable for a larger audience. When they added Mr. Jolie, a.k.a. Pitt you knew who was going to have the first and last say and he wasn't related to Mel Brooks. I just look at movie and book as two different things. One was good the other was great but I have a problem being critical. If it's P.A. it's got to be historically bad for me to give it a thumbs down.
Can't wait to read this article to see what Max thinks, he can't be too happy.

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