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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 06.06.13] horror thriller

Director Jason Bognacki has been impressing us since we first caught a glimpse of The Red Door. Since then, Bognacki has continued to deliver one incredible short after another though sadly, if you didn't catch these at a film festival, having the opportunity to see them was slim to none. Until now.

Bognacki, through his Full Frame Features, has launched a VOD website making it simple and easy for fans or those who just want to see something a little off the beaten path, to check out his work. Currently available are the 35 minute blood drenched psychological thriller The Red Door: The Director's Cut (trailer) and The White Face (trailer) with Beyond the Red Door, a follow-up to his first featurette, due out in the summer followed shortly by Another, the trailer for which completely knocked our socks off.

Stay tuned to this space for more updates on Bognacki's upcoming projects but be sure to check out his impressive filmography so far. You won't be disappointed.

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chaybee1 (9 years ago) Reply

Been waiting for this for YEARS! SO EXCITED!!!

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