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I can't say I've cared much for SyFy's original movies, the ratio of good to craptacular is very favourably leaning towards the later, but once in a while a title comes along the looks like it could be good fun. Tasmanian Devils looks to be the first of 2013.

Vancouver director Zach Lipovsky isn't exactly new to the movie scene but the special effect wiz's appearance on "On the Lot" did a great to make his name a familiar one among film fans and it's likely that Tasmanian Devils is only the next stepping stone to bigger things. How can we tell? Just look at this blood drenched trailer.

The movie, which features Danica McKellar and Olympic Gold Medalist Apolo Ohno, not to mention a number of regulars from Vancouver-shot TV, bring out the big guns to fight off none other than the Tasmanian Devil.

Tasmanian Devils airs on SyFy Saturday, January 19 at 9PM.

Tasmanian Devils Trailer - January 19th from Zach Lipovsky on Vimeo.

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