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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 01.17.13] Mexico arthouse biopic

Ed Wood may be considered the master of the B-movie but he has competition and his name was Juan Orol.

The Mexican director was a staple of "Cine Negro Mexicano" (more commonly known as "Cine de Gangsters" which directly translates into "Gangster Movies"), a genre he essentially created and single handedly promoted but his movies were often poorly made, low budget affairs that earned him a place as a cult director in the vein of Wood.

Now director Sebastian del Amo has taken it upon himself to shine a spotlight on the largely forgotten B-movie hero with the biopic The Fantastic World of Juan Orol. This is a real treat since Orol's prolific career is mostly unknown outside of Mexico and even finding a clip from one of his movies, of which there are nearly 50, seems impossible.

A trailer for the movie, sadly lacking English titles is below, along with a short clip which does include English titles. Del Amo has chosen to shoot this in black and white (a new trend?) which plays nicely with Orol's early career.

The Fantastic World of Juan Orol is currently screening as part of Global Lens 2013 at MoMA.

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