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quietearth [Celluloid 08.07.12] Brazil drama

Concentrating on a face for almost the entire length of a teaser is pretty bold. To boot, this women is one half of the story and she's smiling, even though she's at odds with the world. The other half suffers from "subjective amnesia." Currently playing at Locarno, this trailer, and the synopsis below, makes the film look quite promising.

Does anyone know what the music is?

Dirceu, 30 years old, works as a demolition man in Recife, Brazil, despite his aristocratic origins. The victim of a "subjective amnesia", he tries to bury his family’s past. Maria, a carefree and joyful music student, also comes from the countryside, but uses the city for a different purpose. If Dirceu aspires to a stable world, Maria lives in total discord with the present. To her, nothing is as it should be. Their encounter unleashes an urge in Dirceu to be someone else.

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