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quietearth [Celluloid 07.17.12] Serbia thriller drama

I can almost hear the sound of Hollywood's remake machine revving up for Redemption Street, Miroslav Terzic's debut feature (Snabba Cash/Easy Money anyone?). Ostensibly a legal drama about Balkan war crimes, the trailer shows how the film diverges into some great looking action scenes. To boot, it's incredibly stylish. Our friend Stephen Dalton even called it a rattling good thriller .. with potentially global appeal.

Dusan, a young deputy war crimes prosecutor, is given the task to investigate a paramilitary formation, the First Pioneer's unit, that was operating on the battlefields in Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo, where they disappeared without a trace. Dusan is determined to bring the case to an end and to show his father, a famous retired professor at the law faculty, but to his boss too, the war crimes prosecutor, that he is capable for this job. This becomes for Dusan much more than a simple case - it becomes a personal confrontation. We do not expect much of the investigation and by Dusan's associates it is condemned to failure, until he finds the unit's only surviving soldier, Mićun, who tried to live peacefully and quietly. Dusan and Micun's encounter changes their lives and directly affects their families.

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