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quietearth [Celluloid 05.15.12] Greece apocalyptic scifi steampunk

One of the producers behind the wonderful semantic labyrinthine Dogtooth, Yorgos Tsourgiannis, is also behind this planned film from Yiannis Veslemes. It involves a steampunk spaceship and a flooded Earth in an alternative past. Synopsis below. Hope this gets made!

1901. The year of the great cataclysm.
Earth, a parallel universe, an alternative past.

Two orphans run away from their orphanage. Hunted in the woods of Northern Greece, they are looking for a new home. They are looking for a family. But the flood is catching up with them.

In New York, an ambitious scientist is constructing a steam-engined spaceship. Together with his faithful wife, they will flee earth a little bit before its destruction. They will set for the moon where they believe they can survive. Just the two of them when everything on earth will be covered by water.

An opium addict prostitute in a notorious Shanghai brothel is falling in love with one of her clients. The only thing she desires is to leave the brothel with him. One rainy night, he reveals to her the purpose of their acquaintance. In a few days the Great Cataclysm will begin.

Humankind as we know it will perish. The only salvation lies inside her womb. Their offspring may well be the new Messiah.

1901 is a steam punk fairytale about the end of the world.

Love stories, lost from the pages of history.

1901 starts with a manhunt in a river and ends peacefully in the great sea.


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akis (10 years ago) Reply

Do you know launching day of this film pls?


Barthandelus (9 years ago) Reply

Will this movie get made or something

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