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quietearth [Celluloid 03.27.12] Hungary comedy

Yes, I know the poster is horrible but don't let it turn you off as the pre-production trailer we have is stylish and fantastic. Now in production, the story is about young woman whom inherits an apartment and the body count rises as .. what? I don't know, but the idea is based on the mythical Japanese creature Kitsune which usually takes the shape of a fox and feeds on the life force of it's victims, kind of like a vampire.

It centers on Liza, a shy nurse who has been taking care of Marta, the widow of the Japanese ambassador to Hungary, for 12 years. But the widow is murdered by the ghost of Toni Tani, Liza’s imaginary friend, a Japanese pop singer from the 1970s. Accused of the murder because she has inherited Marta’s apartment, Liza is forced to live with a policeman who is leading the investigation in a very rational way. But the "fox-fairy", that demon of Japanese tales, hasn’t finished with them yet.

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