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quietearth [Celluloid 03.07.12] Brazil scifi horror comedy

Down in Porto Allegre, Brazil, the biggest genre fest in South America (run by our own Joao Fleck) will be opening with this insane looking horror comedy which revolves around "a chip installed in the brain which allows for non-stop creativity. It has a retro 1980's feel with lots and lots of blood.

NERVO CRANIANO ZERO tells the story of Bruna Bloch (Guenia Lemos), who after writing a best-seller is afraid of failing in her second book. So she hires the service of Dr. Bartholomeu Bava (Leandro Daniel Colombo), a neuro-surgeon who has invented a chip that once installed in a brain nerve allows for non-stop creativity. The problems start when Bruna decides to get a guinea-pig, Cristy Costa (Uyara Torrente), to test out the experiment.

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