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quietearth [Celluloid 01.31.12] thriller drama

Having had it's world premier at Rotterdam, we bring you an exclusive on the trailer for this 70s set thriller which doesn't give away the horrors I've heard it contains. Set around a family who moves into their dream home only to find an unwelcome 'presence' who soon makes friends with their 12 year old daughter one of the first reviews via Screen Daily (don't read past the first paragraph, spoilers!) called it "impressively staged" among a slew of other positives. However, we here at QE will judge for ourselves once we get a copy.

WTLWO is directed by Pat Holden and produced by the makers of Lost Highway and Moon.

It stars Kate Ashfield, Craig Parkinson, and Gary Lewis and is supposedly based on a true story.

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Shane (11 years ago) Reply

"The Women in Black" trailer looks creepier than this overcooked turkey.

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