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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 12.22.11] Denmark zombies trailer short

Zomedy is a Danish zombie comedy/bromance set in a supermarket on the 23rd of December. The creators call it a story of "The aPORKalypse" because, hilariously, swine flu is contracted when the manager of a supermarket makes two cashiers cook up old pork and feed to unsuspecting sample eaters.

David is a Jew, working a dead end job in middle management, when a mutated swineflu causes a zombie outbreak. David an the Muslim Omar have to put their religious differences aside and work together. They have to kill the pork eating zombie Danes and rescue the girl of David's dreams.

Zomedy is a joint effort created by Claudia Saginario & Andreas Hjortdal, Mads Grage & Jacob Ege Hinchely. Here's hoping we get an English subbed trailer soon.

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