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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 12.23.11] short scifi

In the photography world, Vincent Laforet is a big deal. I didn't know who he was 15 minutes ago but after a bit of reading I've discovered that Laforet is a multi-award winning photographer along with a pioneer in a number of photography fields in addition to his work as a director of photography. Basically, he's a smart, important dude whose name I should at least recognize. Now I do.

Laforet has been making short films for some time but earlier today I came across one of his most recent projects, a 10 minute sci-fi drama titled Mobius. It's a really nice looking little film with what appears to be a straight forward story about a photojournalist doing some work in Mexico in an area known as the "Zone of Silence." Let us just say that it soon becomes apparent that things aren't kosher.

I got a total "Lost" vibe from the short, not in style but in idea, which is unfortunate (let's face it, "Lost" dabbled in so many ideas that everything can somehow compared to it) but doesn't detract from the fact that this is a very enjoyable, well made film.

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bigfoot (10 years ago) Reply

Good Actor. Bad indulgent film.

And by who? Anyone who promotes themselves with their last name followed by the word 'visuals'... is trying to get traction. This isn't Tarsem.

The only reason this film got made because Cannon wanted to promote and advertise the use of their (soon to fail) new camera. That looks bulky and ugly and still takes crappy images.

Or mabe just in the wrong hands.

Apart from that, this film was released on every other site 2 months ago. Not news.

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