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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 12.01.11] post apocalyptic movie news short scifi

Monika Blazkiewicz's The End takes place in an abandoned City in 2050. The whole world is destroyed after a string of natural events such as tornadoes, earthquakes have ravaged it. The world is covered in ash and dust so the sun rays doesn't get to the surface. It is dark all the time and most of the animals and plants died. People started eating each-other because there was nothing left.

There are two main characters: Sam and Vincent. Sam is a positive thinking man who want's to change the world and Vincent despite his care for his little pet rat (Bacon) is only thinking abut surviving. Sam convinces Vincent that together they can save the world an make their life better. Sam trusts Vincent but everyday he discovers more of his true nature.

Blazkiewicz says she decided to choose an apocalyptic topic because of all the predictions about 2012 and the end of the world. That people are talking about the cataclysms and global warming, but thinks that they should start of looking at themselves and change their attitudes. Otherwise, they will become a person like Vincent - more like animal, less like human.

Check out the entire short film below:

Via: Opium

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Heidi Martinuzzi (10 years ago) Reply

I learn about so many new awesome movies from this site. Keep up the good work, Don! I love my QE daily persuals.


Critic (9 years ago) Reply

Meh... predictable ending.

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