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Christopher Webster [DVD News 11.29.11] movie news blu-ray

Another Earth - An indie darling that came and went in the blink of an eye, the film is finally available to catch at your leisure. For those skeptical of the concept, which sounds a little like a University term paper, the reviews are strong including one from our own (and very picky) quietearth.

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil - I caught this at EIFF this year and genuinely laughed my ass off. Like Shaun of the Dead, this horror comedy has as much heart as horror and knows it's source material. Ignore the generic cover design and do check it out.

Kidnapped - Loved this Spanish home-invasion thriller, though I'll admit it's an emotionally draining ride. The acting is superb and so is the staging. If you haven't already entered our contest to win one of five DVDs from IFC do so immediately.

Horror Express - Our retro pick of the week is Horror Express, a 70s horror/scifi hybrid that's full of atmosphere. It's got Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee on a trans-Siberian train chasing down what they think is the missing link. Bring it on on Blu-ray!

Chillerama (Unrated) - A horror anthology that goes for humor before horror, Chillerama is a mixed bag of tricks that often falls flat. Read about the who concoction in quietearth's review.

That's all that's worth a look this week, gang.

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