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quietearth [Celluloid 11.26.11] news scifi horror action

The quality is terrible, there's lots of screams and buzzing, and it's a montage of very short clips. But from what I can see, it has a very paranoid feeling while inside the ship, ala Alien so bring it on! Enjoy it before it gets yanked. Further info and photos here.

Sorry folks, 20th Century Fox sent us a cease and desist so we had to remove the footage.

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(10 years ago) Reply

"They were looking for Earth's beginning. What they found could be its end."

I like that.

This looks like a remarkable and grown-up return to the (sort of) Alien franchise.


Anglebender (10 years ago) Reply

Great post!


(10 years ago) Reply

im scared.


zenseeker (10 years ago) Reply

Gods...see this or don't see it?

Do we really want to see Scott ass rape the franchise he started?


silentdriver (10 years ago) Reply

holy shit! yes, it definitely hits the point. nice homage on alien and even its trailer back then. how the letters of the title appear, the soundtrack, the atmosphere - there's only a ship missing that has a slight resemblence to the original nostromo :) nice, nice, nice - looking forward to it and still believing that scott can still deliver quality (even after all his quite unsatisfying attempts in the last few months and years)


soma (10 years ago) Reply

looks pretty damn good


schmecko (10 years ago) Reply

whats with the wire that appears to be sewn throughout the face of the "Big Giant Head"??? looks freaky... a torture or punishment???

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