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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 08.15.11] Portugal movie news horror drama experimental

Earlier this year, as festival season was kicking off, we caught a first look at Edgar Pera's The Baron (O Barao), an experimental, dreamlike adaptation of Branquinho da Fonseca’s novella about a controlling Baron.

The first trailer for the film was unique and creepy, capturing the sort of mood that is usually only associated with Guy Maddin (hence the comparisons to the Canadian Auteur). Now that the film is nearly done its festival run for the year and is prepping for a national opening on October 20th care of distributor Lusomundo, a second trailer for the film has been released.

The updated trailer features very little new footage but the new cut has a much quicker pace to it than the first. The visuals are still eerie, as is the music, and though this final trailer doesn't push the film's narrative much further than the first, it sells the film's arthouse sensibilities well. And you have to give kudos to Pera and the distributors who are taking their "Golden Donkey" win at Rotterdam in stride.

There's no American distributor and frankly, I'd be surprised if there was, and it's unlikely this will ever see life outside the festival run and its Portuguese theatrical release but the festival season isn't quite over yet so I'm hoping we still have the chance to catch up with it.

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Maria F.M.R.S.Reis (11 years ago) Reply

~~ Parab&eacute;ns Edgar Pera, pelo fabuloso trabalho cinematogr&aacute;fico. E para todos os intervenientes. Real&ccedil;o a excel&ecirc;ncia do actor Nuno Melo,sem desprimor dos restantes.Obrigada pela partilha deste magnifico trabalho,Beijinho <3 ;-))~~

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