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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 07.08.11] Greece movie trailer news drama

It's occurred to me that some of the best art comes from crisis. For the most part it seems to sprout from some sort of personal crisis but there’s also a societal streak as often, the personal crisis has some connection to something larger going on in the world.

The few films I've managed to see emerging out of Greece's current film movement have been interesting but somewhat removed from what's going on in the country at large. Dogtooth (review) created its own enclosed world and Attenberg (review) only lightly took the outside world into consideration. Enter Jan Vogel and Argyris Papadimitropoulos' Wasted Youth.

The film focuses on the a young skateboarder enjoying the warm summer of Athens with friends and the intersecting story of a police officer trying to provide for his family while the country is slowly falling into turmoil. When the film was produced last year the situation wasn't nearly as bad as it currently stands but I expect that Vogel and Papadimitropoulos are touching on some larger societal issues though if nothing else, this looks like it'll provide a great look at teen life in a foreign land; something which always peaks my curiosity.

Wasted Youth is currently making the festival rounds and Elephant Eye films is looking for international distributors for the film. A couple of trailers, the second one lacking subtitles but offering a better look at what we can expect from the picture, below. It'll be particularly interesting to see the films that emerge out of the country in the coming years.

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