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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 05.03.11] Italy movie trailer news short scifi

Looks like today is a good day for updating trailers. Earlier we had a new trailer for Matteo Macaluso's At Dusk (Al Crepuscolo) and now we have an update for another Italian short film we've been tracking for a little while.

The last time we checked in with Sergio Luca Loreni's R.O.A.C.H., an English subtitled trailer had just been released. The film is now complete and in the process of festival submissions and the team behind the production has cut together a second trailer, this one focusing more on the characters and story than on the effects.

Inspired by Blade Runner, Akira and Ghost in the Shell among others...

The story takes place in 2068 and is set in a place very similar to Minsk, the capital of Belarus which sits nestled on the borderline between Russia and Europe, called New Minsk. In this future incarnation, corporations have near complete control of industry and communication. The story follows one man who rises up against one of the most powerful multinational corporations exposing the company's genetic experimentation project code named R.O.A.C.H.

I like the new trailer quite a bit though the focus on the characters also suggests that the acting might leave a bit to be desired and yet, I'm curious to see what Loreni and his crew have put together.

New trailer after the break.

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Hot Fuzz (11 years ago) Reply

This trailer is much better than the first one. The surreal way the CGI mixes with live action sort of reminds me of Enki Bilal's Immortal.


John (11 years ago) Reply

What is it inpired by I don't know.
What it looks and seems like after 2 trailers is live action Immortel by Enki.
CGI needs more grit though, too clean.


daryl (11 years ago) Reply

love the mix of CGI and live action,they need to do a heavy metal movie using these tools,gotta give it to quiet earth they are legendary in there field of post apocalyptic

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